Websites, Magazines and Social Media … Oh My!


The Marketing and Communications Team at Pi Beta Phi Headquarters does many different jobs. We maintain this blog (and other social media platforms). We provide you with information via official emails, The Arrow, our website, etc. We handle crisis communication. We create beautiful graphic designs. We market our new chapters to help them be successful. And we keep our documents up to date based on Pi Phi’s policies. Here’s a little glimpse into our six-person team.

Eily Cummings
Title: Marketing and Communications Director Headquarters
Major responsibility: Supervisor of the fabulously, talented MarComm team
You would call me for … brand inquiries, crisis communication/media issues and new ways to market and promote Pi Phi.
Favorite social media platform: Instagram
One unknown fact about me is … I have an unnatural fear of closing an umbrella.
The best thing I ever ate is … fresh crab out of a paper bag on San Fran’s Wharf.
If I had to choose between cake, pie or cookies I would choose … I pick “D” all of the above.

Jenny Schmidt, Missouri Gamma 
Title: Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Major responsibility: Extension and New Chapter Support Marketing
You would call me for … logos and graphics requests.
Favorite social media platform: Instagram
One unknown fact about me is … I’ve taken flying trapeze lessons.
If I could travel to one country that I haven’t been to, it would be … Italy.
Life isn’t complete without … my husband, Joe, and our furry babies, Fiona and Frankie.

marcom2Constance Dillon, California Delta 
Title: The Arrow Editor/Communications Coordinator
Major responsibility: The Arrow magazine and positive PR efforts (press releases, outreach, etc.)
You would call me forArrow submission deadlines and guidelines.
Favorite social media platform: Instagram!!!!
One unknown fact about me is … I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii! And the hospital, Tripler Army Medical Center, is pink!
My celebrity doppelganger is … Renée Zellweger (original face!!)
Life isn’t complete without … Burt’s Bees Chapstick.

Janelle Schroeder, California Mu 
Title: Electronic Media Manager
Major responsibility: I oversee website content, social media and electronic communication for the Fraternity.
You would call me for … social media help, chapter website issues and Fraternity website problems.
Favorite social media platform: Instagram
One unknown fact about me is … I’ve caged dived with sharks and got to pet a cheetah in South Africa. I’d say I’m adventurous.
The best thing I ever ate is … buttermilk biscuits from Poogan’s Porch in Charleston, South Carolina.
My favorite quote is … “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson

Katie Jackson
Title: Communications Specialist
Major responsibility: Resource Library maintenance
You would call me for … an unlocked document that needs editing!
Favorite social media platform: Pinterest
One unknown fact about me is … One time I sang backup for the band Journey. Hands down that was easily the greatest day of my life.
My favorite quote is … “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know it when you find it.” — Steve Jobs
If I could travel to one country that I haven’t been to, it would be … India.

Jordan Aschwege
Title: Multimedia Designer
Major Responsibility: Print and web design
You would call me for … infographic design or redesigning a new template for your chapter or alumnae club website.
Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter
One unknown fact about me is … I’m a man. In all seriousness, though, I have bowled a perfect 300.
If I had to choose between cake, pie or cookies I would choose … team cookies, all the way.
My celebrity doppelganger is … probably Jack Black.

Well folks, there you have it: your Pi Phi Marketing and Communications team. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us if you have Pi Phi marketing questions. For all of our contact information, click here. #piphilove

Stories from the Road: LDC Kathleen

This post is courtesy of New York Eta Kathleen Meriano, Leadership Development Consultant.


As my three carry-ons, pillow pet and I shimmied into our seat in 16A I had every intention of blissfully capitalizing on two hours of uninterrupted slumber. At least that was the plan, until I felt a nudge from the elderly gentleman beside me shortly after takeoff. Between his perfectly placed bowtie and twinkling blue eyes I couldn’t help but to relinquish my headphones and appease his desire for small talk. As I began to explain my new life in South Carolina he drew a smile, gazed for a moment as if the memories warmed him and replied, “My wife was a Pi Phi.” In his slow, raspy voice I learned of their fifty-three year matrimony, her affinity for reading and endless anecdotes of books and life. It thus comes at no surprise, his departing words of advice encouraged me to view the upcoming year as a new chapter. “I’m sure it’ll all be wonderful, and if not, every day you turn the page to a new tomorrow.” Although I’m generally not one for metaphors, I can’t help but to feel as though the unwritten pages of South Carolina Alpha are collectively being forged again by the Fraternity and its New Members.

Following an extensive application and presentation process, Pi Beta Phi was selected to colonize at the University of South Carolina. An honor in and of itself, the announcement brought with it a nearly unimaginable reality for hundreds of dedicated South Carolina Alphas. The chapter, after a nearly thirty years absence, would be returning to campus.

Our colonization efforts began with observations of the University’s formal recruitment process in August, followed by extensive marketing in September. Interested women were given the opportunity to meet individually with a Leadership Development Consultant on campus prior to registering with Pi Beta Phi. On the first night of our colonizing weekend, women were invited to learn more about our literacy initiatives through small group conversation. We found the Potential New Members’ questions to be insightful, indicating a genuine eagerness for philanthropic involvement. The following night, during our preference ceremony, sisters from the University of Georgia provided a collegiate perspective to the women in our recruitment process. With their assistance, we were confidently able to extend 240 bids to membership. I don’t know that there are words to describe the overwhelming sensation of happiness that filled the ballroom on Bid Day. In a room of genuine smiles and long-awaited introductions, the most memorable came from that of South Carolina Alpha and former Grand President Sis Mullis herself. In 1985, following the reinstallation of the Florida Delta Chapter, she wrote to South Carolina Alpha, “I have no doubt that in the future you and I will gather for that same purpose.” Clearly, Sis is never a woman to be doubted. Nearly thirty years later, as the room fell silent, Sis took the microphone and allowed us to all humbly bare witness as she formally welcomed home her newest South Carolina Alpha sisters.

As we turn the page on South Carolina Alpha’s new tomorrow, we do so with the comforting realization that its pages are soon to be filled by members bursting with ambition, compassion and eloquence. They have shown a values system in line with Pi Beta Phi’s and an understanding that true, lasting friendships aren’t built on exclusivity, but rather on the acceptance and celebration of diversity. The Resident Leadership Development Consultants are confident in the women’s abilities to create a lasting impact at the University of South Carolina and above all, honored to guide them along their paths of membership.


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