Stories from the Road: LDC Carly

This post is courtesy of Oregon  Alpha Carly Christoferson, Leadership Development Consultant.

Carly q&a

I always knew I wanted to join a sorority. My mom, grandmothers and aunts are all sorority women. I grew up hearing their stories and seeing them still connected with their sisters and knew I wanted those relationships. Making lifelong friends was a huge motivation for me when I signed up to go through recruitment. When I wrote a number one next to Pi Beta Phi on my preference card that September night in Eugene, Oregon, I did not know Pi Phi would give me lifelong friends and so much more. I don’t think there is a single word or phrase I can say to describe what being a Pi Phi means to me. My favorite thing about Pi Phi is we are a values-based organization. Any recent college grad will tell you the transition from college to “the real world” is hard, but thankfully, Pi Phi is something that not only sticks with you through this transition, but supports you. One of my favorite examples of lifelong commitment is my grandmother who is 87 and still actively involved in Pi Phi!

When I think about my time in Pi Phi, the incredible mentors I have had pop into my mind: AAC and region team members, older sisters who took me under their wing, my grandmother and the list goes on and on. These women realize Pi Phi is for life, and because of them, my Pi Phi experience has given me lifelong friends and more. These women have inspired me, taught me, challenged me and encouraged me. They helped me foster skills relevant to all aspects of life. Being a Pi Phi means no matter your age, you will always be able to grow, develop and challenge yourself with the never ending support of genuine, honest friends.

Making the 2,807-mile move from Oregon to Virginia was beyond scary, but there was an incredible support system backing me up, encouraging and embracing me and willing to answer their phones at any time. The support system consisted of people I had just met (all the other LDCS and Headquarters staff), my Oregon Alpha sisters, AAC members from when I was in college, Virginia Iota Chapter members and AAC, the Northern Virginia Alumnae Club and the entire region four team, all of whom I had never even met! I instantly felt welcomed and supported. My favorite thing about this job is meeting incredible women who are dedicated to living out Pi Phi values, both in and after college. Seeing Pi Phi leaders come up with innovative, creative, inspiring ways to improve the membership experience never tires me. I am continually inspired by the collegians and alumnae I meet and their dedication to this organization never ceases to amaze me. Being a Pi Phi means not only do you have an indescribable support system wherever you go, but you also are able to support others.

Being a Pi Phi is not something that can be captured on paper. Being a Pi Phi has such a deeper meaning and connection, and I am fortunate enough to be able to feel this daily. Whether I am at a sisterhood event for Virginia Iota, hugging the chapter members picking me up from the airport that I am just meeting for the first time, meeting with AACs who want nothing but success for the chapters they are advising or Google Hanging with the other LDCs and women I cannot imagine doing this job without, being a Pi Phi means always being challenged, supported, loved and encouraged.

Welcome to the Accounting Department … “Where Everybody Counts!”

Susan - What Society Thinks I Do

What Society Thinks I Do

What I Actually Do

I oversee the talented accounting team and serve on special project teams throughout Headquarters. I prepare Fraternity and FHC financial statements, tax returns and budgets as well as coordinate the annual audit.

Susan Mertz, Fraternity Controller






Kristin - What My Friends Think I Do

What My Friends Think I Do

What I Actually Do

Having an extensive financial background, I am able to assist chapters and enable them to better understand their financial obligations and responsibilities. I work with all aspects of chapter finances and support chapter VPFs, AAC Financial Advisors and the regional teams with financial questions or issues that may arise. In addition, I step in as the interim Financial Advisor for chapters in need and work directly with GreekBill.

Kristin Rugen, Collegiate Financial Support Coordinator



Ruth - What My Boss Thinks I Do

What My Boss Thinks I Do

What I Actually Do

I pay Pi Phi’s bills in order to keep the Fraternity up and running, which allows us to sustain this great organization. Additionally, because our international volunteers spend their time and money traveling to help our chapters and clubs, I get to reimburse them for their expenses. I also help our alumnae organizations file their 990N form. This form helps them maintain their non-profit status so they can prove they are indeed a non-profit when soliciting for donations for an event. Finally, with the many events Pi Phi puts on, from Fraternity Day of Service to convention, I track the credit card purchases made to support these events … Oh wait, sometimes my desk DOES look like this!

Ruth Argent, Accounts Payable Specialist


Michelle - What My Husband Thinks I Do

What My Husband Thinks I Do

What I Actually Do

I organize the month end statements and set up monthly EFT transfers for Fraternity chapters, alumnae organizations, Chapter House Corporations and FHC as needed. I am responsible for balancing and entering all payments received in Headquarters, including fraternity dues received through MemberPlanet and Lockbox. On a monthly basis I generate reports for officers such as the Twp Year Summary, Dues Paid to HQ and Dues Paid by Region, as well as preparing monthly reports for the Controller.

Michelle Moser, Accounts Receivable Specialist


Lauren - What I Think I Do

What I Think I Do

What I Actually Do

I assist in the preparation of monthly financial statements and audit schedules, which include the reconciliation of all bank and investment accounts for both the Fraternity and FHC. I help project the future cash needs of the entities as well as provide financial analysis support to assist the Controller on various special projects.

Lauren Nunn, Assistant Controller








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