Stories from the Road: LDC Jordan

This post is courtesy of Alabama Gamma Jordan Craddock, Leadership Development Consultant.

Jordan q&a


Having been through recruitment — on either side — you have a little glimpse into the lives of the LDCs. What we do involves bonding with Pi Phi sisters, highs and lows, some of the best moments of your life and LOTS of conversations! Just like in recruitment, as LDCs we have some FAQs that are sure to be brought up at many of the chapters we go to.

“Is this your job?”

I know the job of an LDC is almost too cool to seem like a real thing, but it is! We are hired by Pi Beta Phi Headquarters to travel to a new chapter about every week. What we do on these visits can vary, but at the end of the day our goal is to be able to provide support and feedback to chapters and also provide a bridge of communication between chapters and Headquarters.

“Is it hard living out of your suitcases?”

This is always a tough one because just like many other things in life, it is what you make of it! Sure when I’m wishing I had my favorite nail polish (OPI Cajun Shrimp) or when I run out of clean clothes I can find myself longing for a space to call my own. But the truth of it is that those little luxuries are small apples compared to the wonderful experiences we have on the road. Plus, you learn to be a little more creative with your outfits, which I think is a valuable life skill J

“What made you want to be an LDC?”

For each of the LDCs the answer to this question is different, but I can say with certainty one of the pieces of the puzzle is our love for Pi Phi. I don’t think anyone could come into this job without having an appreciation for our amazing organization and the awesome capability we have to make an impact both on college campuses and in the community. Of course, my journey started when I first met an LDC and I thought, “Wow, this girl is really cool. I think I want to do this!” but that was just the beginning.

“Have you been to Headquarters/Is it a real place?!”

I know when I was a collegian I was mystified by this place we referred to as “Headquarters”. Whenever I thought of Headquarters (or HQ) I envisioned it as the Emerald Palace in Oz where the answers suddenly appeared from the unknown. But yes — Headquarters is a real place in St. Louis, Missouri, and I’ve met the fabulous people who work there. I’ll never forget the first time I picked up the phone to call HQ to ask a question about eReports — I was terrified! But little did I know at the time, Headquarters staff is a group of dedicated people whose purpose is to provide resources and answer questions. Whether you’re having problems with eReports or you need to ask a question about your chapter’s website, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Even though our FAQ typically involve life as an LDC we love getting to know members and talk to them no matter the topic of conversation. Never hesitate to ask an LDC a question, even if you think it’s one we might hear often. My journey to applying to be an LDC started with many of the same questions.


Top 10 Things You Will See at Convention

Convention LogoHave you ever wondered why your Slightly Older Sisters always rave about convention? Are you thinking of registering for convention, but need some extra incentive to click the “submit” button? Well, look no further. Right here we have the Top 10 Things You’ll See at Convention! Read on.

1. Giant Cookie Shine

1 Giant Cookie ShineFirst and foremost, have you SEEN the 2013 Cookie Shine? It was huge! Who’s excited for seemingly endless candies and cookies this year?1a girl raising hand emoji






2. Angelica the Foundation Angel

2 AngelicaAngelica, the Pi Beta Phi Foundation Angel, will be returning to convention, and boy is she excited! She’s got her white dress, angel wings and bow and arrows ready! Every dollar raised at convention will help light up Angelica’s dress and most importantly, ensure the future of our sisterhood. Get ready for some fun with Angelica!






3. Sisters from your chapter you’ve never met before

3 sistersAre you excited to connect with Pi Phis who know all about your unique chapter experiences? There are women from all across the country who know your chapter the same way you do. During dinner by chapter you’ll get to connect with them and swap stories!




4. 1,000+ sisters celebrating Initiation

4 Alumnae InitiatesCan you imagine what 1,000 Pi Phis in one room looks like? What about 1,000 Pi Phis celebrating Initiation together? Get ready for an amazing ceremony experience when we initiate our newest members this summer, and see Pi Phi love in action.


5. Pi Phi Express … in person!

5 Pi Phi ExpressWho needs new Pi Phi gear?! Pi Phi Express will have its own store set up in the Hilton Chicago throughout convention making this the perfect time to stock up without having to pay shipping costs. Talk about shopping the Magnificent Pi Phi Mile!







6. Gorgeous Chicago views

6 Chicago VeiwsHave you looked into our convention pre-tour? The tour is a river cruise that allows you to see the gorgeous Chicago architecture. Want a sneak peek? Click here to visit our Chicago themed Pinterest board! Don’t forget to sign up … spots are going fast!

7. Halo Heaven

7 Halo Heaven

Halo Heaven is Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s official convention fundraiser, and the best part is, you don’t have to attend convention to participate! For just $5 each, Pi Phis, parents, spouses and friends can send virtual halos in honor of those special angels in their lives. These gifts not only create a spectacular Halo Heaven display at convention; they also invest in the future of our beloved sisterhood. Get your list together of those sisters you want to honor … is now live!

8. The Daily Dart

8 The Daily DartThe Daily Dart is something so unique to convention. The newsletter recounts fun convention festivities for our attendees, and is posted to our convention website so sisters can read about what’s going on from the comfort of their homes.







9. New Chapter Charters and Chapter Banners

9 New ChartersWe’ll be presenting FIVE new chapter charters this summer, which is an incredibly cool experience for the women from Virginia Iota, Florida Zeta, South Carolina Alpha, California Xi and California Omicron. Help us welcome them into the roll by coming to convention! And, you’ll get to see your chapter’s banner during the banner parade!


10. Educational opportunities

10 Deep DiveThis year, we have so many opportunities for brainstorming, idea sharing and learning from our sisters about many different topics. Whether you’re here as a chapter delegate, emerging leader, volunteer on AAC, CHC or in an alumnae club, there’s something for each of you. We have our FHC Housing Symposium, Alumnae Leadership Summit, Collegiate Leadership Workshop, Chapter Success Workshop and Emerging Leaders Workshop. Choose wisely when registering!

We can’t wait to see each and every one of you at convention this summer. We’ll be #reachingnewheights together and celebrating 148 years of Pi Beta Phi. Visit to register today!


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