Wine and Silver Blue Times Two!

This is a guest post by Minnesota Alpha Vice President of Communications, Angela Beauchamp.

Members of the Minnesota Alpha Chapter at the University of Minnesota have always had a strong passion for building bonds of sisterhood, but in the past year this passion was carried out in a unique way for the Schwab twins: Amber and Brooke.

Growing up with a twin is quite the experience, to say the least. In high school, Brooke and Amber did everything in their power to be more individual than together. Brooke was a member of cross-country, track and field, student council, the school’s newspaper and National Honor Society. Amber was a member of cross-country, cross country skiing, lacrosse and Link Leader Mentoring. But the women did share something special ¬— their values. Growing up in the community of Wayzata, Minnesota, Amber and Brooke’s parents taught them to be leaders, and to lead their peers with honesty, integrity and above all, respect for everyone no matter who they are.

Senior year came almost too quickly and college was just around the corner. The two women wanted to go their separate ways and have the opportunity to truly grow as individuals. Brooke decided to attend the University of Missouri and Amber decided to attend the University of Minnesota.

The twins, though apart, both wanted to join a sorority. Brooke went through recruitment and chose to be a Missouri Alpha Pi Phi. Two weeks later, Amber went through recruitment and chose to be a Minnesota Alpha Pi Phi. It seems as though the women’s shared respect for the values of Pi Beta Phi caused them to choose the same sorority even though they were miles apart. Pi Phi has a way of doing that: It truly pulls together women who share the same values and ambitions as our founders, and allows them to create a bond stronger than simply friendship — sisterhood.

The most special time for a New Member, initiation, came around. Amber was initiated about a month after Brooke, which made her a legacy. During the typical pre-initiation traditions and rituals, everything went smoothly and Amber was enjoying the experience.

When it was time to be pinned, Amber fixed her dress to get it ready and looked up. Brooke was the one walking towards her to pin her! After a moment of stunned silence tears started to break loose because this was the first time the twins had been reunited since college began. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as every Pi Phi was truly moved by the genuine surprise and compassion between these twins.

Amber says about her experience, “That moment is probably the most special and exciting memory of my entire lifetime. All my new sisters and my Pi Beta Phi double sister were there for me and I couldn’t have been happier to share this experience with her.”

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  1. What a lovely write up Brooke. And as u grow up, that sisterhood bond strengthen even more. Not sure how I would make it without both of my sisters!!!! So proud of u both! Love, granny

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