Sunday Sisterhood Story

Today’s Sisterhood Story comes from Sarah Ruth “Sis” Mullis, South Carolina Alpha.

I attended the 1964 Victoria Convention as South Carolina Alpha delegate and Chapter President. Before I had left school in May, at the last Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) meeting one of our young/new members gave me ‘marching orders’ — “do not return to South Carolina without giving my love to Barbie Oliver”.  The AAC member was a former Chapter President of Ohio Beta and had initiated Barbie Oliver Tootle. Barbie per her was a ‘rising star’ and would be at Victoria as Ohio Beta Chapter President. Needless to say convention was as usual awe inspiring and non-stop. I did NOT remember to find Barbie until the last night — fortunately for me, attendees from our respective provinces (precursor to regions) were gathered together for fun and fellowship with our Collegiate Province Presidents (now Collegiate Regional Directors). Sooooo I DID (last minute) find Barbie and introduce myself and told her what a great AAC member her former Chapter President was and we had a good quick visit. One year later, a non-convention year, I was at home with family when I got a call (actually a telegram for those who know what that is) saying that I was CO-WINNER of the National Amy Burnham Onken Award with Barbie Oliver, Ohio Beta. Obviously I was thrilled with winning the award but was so so glad I could say that I had MET Barbie — it meant even more knowing her! To say the least our friendship has continued over the MANY years since then — she IS a cherished sister!!!!

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