No Matter the Letter, We’re All Greek Together

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting several fraternity and sorority headquarters located in Indianapolis. I enjoyed meeting new friends and talking about our shared passion for the fraternity and sorority community. And I especially enjoyed treating the staff members to a summertime treat — and Indy favorite — Square Donuts!

Though fraternities and sororities have different letters, wear different badges and participate in different rituals, we all share one common trait: a commitment to living our values. And because of these shared values, many staff members at the various headquarters may not be members of that respective group.

In fact, did you know only one-third of Pi Beta Phi Headquarters’ staff are Pi Phis? Members from nearly 10 different fraternities and sororities work at Pi Phi Headquarters, giving their time to a cause close to their hearts: the fraternity and sorority community. And, Pi Phi Headquarters staff is not the exception. Many other fraternity and sorority staffs are made up of diverse Greek men and women — including Pi Phis!

Here are a few of the Pi Phi sisters I met in Indy. Thank you for all, ladies, for all you do to support the fraternity and sorority community!


Indiana Gamma Ashley Martin
Director of Communications for Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Years worked at Delta Upsilon: Nine months

Why did you want to work for Delta Upsilon? Delta Upsilon is a known innovator in the fraternal community. Its leadership and staff have led the way for change and progress in nearly every area. They are truly creating an impactful experience for today’s college man, and I’m honored to be a part of that team.

What is the best part of working for Delta Upsilon? I love that Delta Upsilon is non-secret. It truly helps me tell the DU story and show the world exactly what being a DU is all about.

What is your favorite interfraternal memory? I worked for Zeta Tau Alpha for nearly seven years. The staff was always intrigued about my stories of Cookie Shines. So, one Pi Phi Founders’ Day, I held a Cookie Shine at the office. My two biological sisters (both also Pi Phis) and a Pi Phi friend who was working for Alpha Sigma Tau came to help. We sang Pi Phi, ZTA and Delta Gamma songs to represent the Panhellenic women in attendance. It was really special to share one of my favorite Pi Phi traditions in that way.


Indiana Zeta Sarah Eller
Director of Alumnae Services for Sigma Kappa Sorority

Years worked at Sigma Kappa: Four and a half years

Why did you want to work for Sigma Kappa? I believe in the fraternal movement, specifically the lifelong commitment that we as members of our respective organizations make.

What is the best part of working for Sigma Kappa? The best part of working at Sigma Kappa has been how welcoming the members are to me! It is very heartwarming to be embraced by Panhellenic sisters and to have their support with ideas, experiences, and moving their organization forward.

What is your favorite interfraternal memory? I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of people through my role. One such person is a member of Sigma Kappa, Marty van Steendern, and in 2014 she was honored with the Colby Award (the highest award an individual can receive from the national organization). Recipients are honored at Sigma Kappa Convention. I had the pleasure of being Marty’s overall go-to for Convention. Shortly after Convention ended, as I was headed down to Florida for another meeting, I connected with the local Sigma Kappa alumnae chapter to have lunch. Little did I know it had been arranged that Marty would drive me from lunch to my hotel. During our drive, she showed me the sites that she thought I would be interested in from our previous conversations. We had such a fun time!


Indiana Alpha Emily Thompson
Administrative Coordinator at Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity

Years worked at Alpha Xi Delta: One year

Why did you want to work for Alpha Xi Delta? I wanted to work for Alpha Xi Delta because even after I graduated, I was still interested in fraternity and sorority life. Greek Life molded me into the person I am today and I wanted to work for a Greek organization that did the same for other men and women. I also knew Alpha Xi Delta held similar values to Pi Beta Phi and I thought that working for a Greek organization such as Alpha Xi Delta would be an excellent use of my time and skill set.

What is the best part of working for Alpha Xi Delta? The best part of working for Alpha Xi Delta is seeing the impact the organization has on collegiate women, but also on alumnae and volunteers. It has truly shown me your sorority experience does not end when you leave college, but is a lifelong sisterhood. I also love all of my co-workers I have met through working at Alpha Xi Delta

What is your favorite interfraternal memory? One of my favorite interfraternal memories was when Pi Phi Libbie came to Alpha Xi Delta Headquarters. It was so much fun giving a tour to Traveling Event Specialist Daphney Bitanga, California Eta and Electronic Media Coordinator Allie Jostrand (an Alpha Xi Delta) and sharing Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Xi Delta stories. It was also wonderful to exchange viewpoints with Allie, a fellow Greek professional who worked for an organization she is not a member of, just like me!


Michigan Alpha Christine Lorkowski
Assistant Director of Finance at Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Years worked at Kappa Alpha Theta: Two and a half years

 Why did you want to work for Kappa Alpha Theta? Having been Greek, I knew the environment was one I was excited about. But then when I talked with the staff, I was blown away almost all had been working here for 10 plus years. In my previous employment, it was a revolving door, so it spoke volumes about the culture of Theta that people wanted to stay!

What is the best part of working for Kappa Alpha Theta? The best part of working at Kappa Alpha Theta is the opportunity for advancement, and the attitude that family comes first.

What is your favorite interfraternal memory? Since we are located in an area where many fraternity and sorority headquarters are located, we are able to collaborate in our specific areas. We have a monthly finance luncheon with a differing agenda each time to share what is working and what is not for each of us. It is a really good way to learn and share.

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