Magic Moments

West Virginia Alpha LIZ LORAH shares her magic moment:

I grew up in a strong church community and participated in many activities as a student. Consequently, I met many adult members of the church whom I talked to often and considered friends. One was our real estate agent and friend of my mother, Colorado Beta DIANA DUKE WHITFIELD.

When I went away to college, no one knew of my intentions to join a Greek organization. So, when my mother reported to our church I had joined one, it was quite a surprise to most. The real surprise came when Diana asked which organization I had joined, and my mom told her Pi Beta Phi.  Diana was over the moon as she is a Colorado Beta. My first trip home after initiation, I wore my badge to church and was warmly greeted by Diana. It was so special to me that a woman I knew and admired was part of the same organization I had just joined.

Diana passed away December 2009 after losing her battle with cancer. It was a shock to lose her, but I felt so blessed to be a part of her life and have shared in the joys of sisterhood with such a strong and beautiful woman.  It was faith that brought us together, but chance that made us sisters.



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  1. Shared this posting with Colorado Betas initiated from 1966-1970 (at least with those whose e-mail addresses we have) earlier today. Liz Lorah’s story turned into a magic moment for a whole ‘nother group of women. Thank you, Liz!

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