In the New Year, More Friendship

The holiday season is a special time to reflect on the many blessings of the past year. The season is also a time to look ahead and plan for the excitement that is yet to come. While some may frown upon New Year’s Resolutions, we like to think of these goal statements as words of encouragement that bring meaning to our work. We asked Pi Phi volunteer leaders what they hope to accomplish in 2018 to help Pi Beta Phi remain a premier organization for women. We hope these goal statements make you Pi Phi proud! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things we accomplish next year!

Grand President Paula Pace Shepherd, Texas Epsilon
“My goal for 2018  is to continue to strive for relevancy and simplification in all our work making sure that friendship and fun are at the heart of what we do.”



Grand Vice President Communications Jenn Plagman-Galvin, Iowa Gamma

“My resolutions for 2018 include friendship, relevance and simplification. We live in a world with vast communication at our fingertips, delivered through numerous methods. Therefore, my first resolution is to consider the relevance of message and simplification of delivery in our membership communication efforts. Secondly, strive to deliver information through a lens of friendship. Cheers to a wonderful 2018!”


Pi Beta Phi Foundation Trustee Janice Lisko, Oklahoma Beta
“Whereas I want to make a difference for Pi Beta Phi, and whereas I am Shining Through, and Whereas I have a special tapestry of Pi Phi sisters, I resolve to joyfully ask them to Shine Through with me!”



Alumnae Region Three Director Kimberly Sisk Crowe, Kentucky Beta
“Our team’s goal is to make personal contact with an officer from every alumnae club this year, paying special attention to those we haven’t heard from in a while. As a new Alumnae Regional Director, I’m learning that when speaking to a member of a struggling club, often they just need encouragement and to be told that holding even one meeting or sending out one email blast can start to turn a club around. When an officer is feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up, being told that the task isn’t really so daunting can make a big difference.”

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) Board President Lisa Gamel Scott, Colorado Alpha
“My focus is to continue to provide vision and leadership to the organization to ensure that FHC improves and attains efficiency as we continue to grow. Pi Beta Phi housing and member meeting facilities must provide a positive member experience. My focus in leading the FHC team is to ensure the quality and sustainability of all the Pi Beta Phi facilities.”


Grand Vice President Alumnae Amy Lorenzen Southerland, South Dakota Alpha
“My New Year’s Resolution is to write more letters. For 2017, I resolved to send a postcard to my mother once a week (an idea I got from a Pi Phi friend). I enjoyed it so much that in 2018 I’m expanding it to write more letters in general. This resolution also supports my addiction to fun stationery, so it’s a win for everyone!”


Pi Beta Phi Foundation Trustee Kate Blatherwick Pickert, Kansas Alpha
“To be bold. I want to push myself to think and do outside of my comfort zone. Pi Phis have always been bold and I want to continue to follow in the footsteps of the leaders who came before me. After all, it was the bold thinking of 12 young women who opened the door to 150 years of sisterhood.”



Grand Vice President Finance Emory McGinnis Eison, Mississippi Beta
“In 2018, I want to keep friendship at the core of my Pi Phi volunteer experience. I want to remember that with each encounter I have the person on the other end is a sister and friend. The decisions made should be reflective of that relationship.”



Grand Vice President Membership Rae Wohlhueter Maier, Kentucky Beta
“My Pi Phi New Year’s Resolution is to be actively engaged and see progress on Strategic Plan Tactic 2.1.2 – Examine and evolve the current member status changes.  Looking through the lenses of simplification and promoting Sincere Friendship will hopefully have an outcome that provides greater membership satisfaction.”


Collegiate Region Seven Director Jamie Feist Daniels, Montana Alpha
“While Region Seven is the largest collegiate region geographically, spread throughout eight U.S. states and one Canadian province, we will be focused on using friendship to connect more personally with all our chapters and advisors through a variety of channels in 2018. We will achieve this goal by attending local events near each specialist, attending Pi Phi signature events with our chapters, conference calls and utilizing social media and ‘getting to know you bios’ from our chapter leaders and volunteers.”

Collegiate Region Three Director Melissa Malone Colvin, Virginia Theta
“We will start the new year by reflecting on the accomplishments our region had in 2017! We will assess trends, think about which strategies worked as well as those that didn’t work and brainstorm with our advisors and new chapter leaders ways to simplify and make strategic decisions in 2018.”



Grand Vice President Programming Marla Neelly Wulf, Kansas Beta
“My goal for 2018 is to keep moving.  It’s really easy to put ourselves on the back burner so I am stepping out … to walk, that is. I’m excited to see where the road takes me.”



Grand Vice President Collegians Alison Veit Heafitz, Illinois Zeta
“One goal I will be working toward is using Board Governance to make my volunteer position attractive to the largest number of sisters that I can.”

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