If not for Pi Phi … 

As an only child, California Theta Sarah Price always wanted siblings. From the time she was two years old, Sara included that wish in her letter to Santa each year. “I would ask for big things like $1 million, a private jet and an all-expenses-paid shopping trip to New York City and then a bunch of little things like a Barbie, other toys … and a sibling. Because that’s no big deal,” she said laughing.

Needless to say, one of the reasons Sara joined Pi Phi at the University of California, Davis is because she wanted sisters. “I was having a hard time with the transition to college life,” Sarah said. “The university has more students than my hometown. To quote my dad, I needed ‘a smaller school of fish to swim with.’ I thought Greek life was the best way to do that.”

As a first year member of Pi Phi, Sarah described herself as quiet and timid. “I was in a long-distance relationship, and I think that had a lot to with it,” Sarah said. “But then during my second year, I became Sisterhood Chair. I was attending more events and really starting to build my confidence.”

That newfound confidence pushed Sarah to apply to be a campus tour guide. “I was told one of the reasons they hired me was because I was a member of Greek life,” Sarah said. “What’s funny, at one point my first year, I was going to transfer out of UC Davis. It was Pi Phi that made me want to stay.”

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