Hello Angels

After attending an all-girls high school, California Theta Juliet Hook came to the University of California, Davis looking for that same tight-knit community. “I didn’t find it my freshman year so I decided to go through recruitment as a sophomore,” Juliet said. “Pi Phi has a great reputation on campus. And my dorm neighbor and best friend is a Pi Phi. When I met the other Pi Phis, I thought they were so sweet and down to earth.”

Besides the amazing women she has met, Juliet notes one of the greatest things about Pi Phi is how supportive all the women are of one anther. “There is no competition here,” Juliet said. “Everyone is supportive and caring. And it’s not just the Pi Phis who are like that, it’s the entire Greek community here at Davis.”

Juliet is a self-admitted goofball and loves to make people laugh so it came as no surprise to me that recruitment is her favorite Pi Phi event. “I had the best experience because I got to meet a lot of people,” Juliet said. “I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to join Pi Phi. I’m proud to call myself a Pi Phi and I love having the opportunity to share that with the Potential New Members. Oh and the singing! I love singing Pi Phi songs — my favorite is Speed Thee my Arrow.”

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