Guest Blogger Margaret: Convention Draws to an End

The end of Convention is bittersweet. Although we are sad to leave the new friends we’ve made, we are leaving with new Pi Phi memories and new ideas that keep the Fraternity growing. It won’t be long until we are in sunny San Diego, California! I’m particularly excited about the destination because my Convention roommate Nicole Meyer (whom you’ve met in the last blog) is from San Diego! Although Nicole and I just met three days ago, it seems like we’ve known each other for an entire lifetime! We hit it off right from the start and continue to find more and more things in common.

During Convention people shared different magical Pi Phi moments they’ve experienced. Fran Becque, our Fraternity’s Archivist, shared that she met one of her most dear friends when they were paired randomly as roommates at Pi Phi Convention years ago. Nicole and I instantly had the same reaction when we heard Fran tell this story, “THAT’S LIKE US!!!!”. Prior to the announcement that the 2013 Convention would be in San Diego, we had already planned to make trips to the other’s hometown. This morning while getting ready for our first morning session Nicole said to me, “I don’t mean to sound corny but I feel like us being roommates was some how meant to be. It’s like the Founders put us together themselves!”. We both laughed but knew deep down that it definitely was Pi Phi Magic that occurred.

As we are wrapping up in Orlando and looking towards San Diego, Nicole and I have come up with a Top Five list of potential 2013 Pi Beta Phi Convention themes:

1. Surfing into Sisterhood
2. Caring on the Coast
3. Sunshine and Service
4. Riding the Tide of Togetherness
5. Pi Phi’s in Paradise

This weekend has made me even more proud to call you all my sisters. See you in 2013!
Pi Phi Love and Mine,

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Margaret: Convention Draws to an End

  1. Margaret, I hope you and Nicole stay wonderful Pi Phi friends. I am touched that you were touched by the story. Lisa, my first convention roommate, did not know I had written anything and I did not know she had written anything. How fun that we both wrote about the same thing. I love her dearly and our friendship was forged in those few days we had together in New Orleans. We have plans of being Golden Arrows together and attending conventions together until we are too feeble to know where we are 🙂 I wish you and Nicole the same thing.

  2. Dear Fran,
    I hope you pass this story on to Lisa and let her know how your friendship touched Nicole and I. Both of us hope to see both of you at many conventions to come 🙂

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