Friday Sisterhood Story

Today’s Sisterhood Story comes from Leisa Ebeling Lowrey, Ohio Eta

When I was a little girl, my mom, Martha Bowman Ebeling, Ohio Delta used to sing “Ring, Ching, Ching”  all the time.  It is one of the very first songs I remember hearing.  I can still picture her at the stove stirring a pot and singing “Ring, Ching, Ching.”  It wasn’t until many years later that I learned that the words were NOT “Ring, Ching, Ching! Ring, Ching, Ching! I baked a pie-ie-ie, I baked a pi-ie-ie….”

I have told this story many times, so many of you have heard it. Here is the addendum:

Last year my mom passed away, and many of her Pi Phi friends attended the funeral.  Her dear friend Heidi Marshall, Ohio Iota came up to me during the gathering after the funeral and  asked “Would we mind” if the Pi Phis sang “Ring, Ching, Ching” in her memory, since it was her favorite song?  What I great idea–I wish I had thought of it!  So we gathered spoons and goblets, and rounded up the Pi Phis and sang a rousing chorus of “Ring Ching, Ching!”  I know Heaven’s newest Angel could hear it.

3 thoughts on “Friday Sisterhood Story

  1. Thanks for that story Leisa. Your Mom Marty was one of my closest Pi Phi sisters at Ohio Delta…friends from 1950 until last year. We sang that song over and over at our many Ohio Delta reunions and now my youngest granddaughter and I have a bond of singing it and using Ching Ching as our greeting and farewell to each other…..grandma hoping that some day she will want to be a Pi Phi and Pi Phi will want her to be one as well.. time and circumstances will tell.

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