Even One Pi Phi Can Make a Difference

Ever wonder how your donations to The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation get turned into books? And then how those books are given to children whose lives are impacted by Read > Lead > Achieve®? Well check out this cool infographic that shows where the dollars go! RLADollars4The Literacy Fund at Pi Beta Phi Foundation makes all the Read > Lead > Achieve initiatives go round. Click on the links to learn more about each of our literacy initiatives.

You might be thinking … what about First Book®, don’t we give them money? First Book is our partner and makes it affordable for Pi Phis to put books into the hands of so many children. First Book works with book publishers so that partners like Pi Phi can purchase brand new, high quality books without totally breaking the bank. So, no, we don’t make donations to First Book, we buy books from them and then you all help us donate those books to kids who need them. Between Fraternity Day of Service Signature Events and the FDS500 grants, that’s more than 130,000 books donated this year alone! Your donations to The Literacy Fund make that happen.

The Literacy Fund also supports Read > Lead > Achieve Month. Although Read > Lead > Achieve Month is behind us and Fraternity Day of Service is still a few months away, the reading doesn’t have to stop! There’s plenty to do to stay engaged with Read > Lead > Achieve. You could:

  • Use this infographic to help explain to friends and family all the wonderful things Pi Phis are doing to impact literacy in the United States and Canada.
  • Reach out to a local school or community center and start a Champions are Readers program.
  • Volunteer to read a story at a local bookstore or library, maybe even dress as a literary character!
  • Hold a book drive at your office.
  • Share your favorite childhood book with your children or nieces and nephews.
  • Make a donation to The Literacy Fund and continue to support Pi Phi’s philanthropic efforts.
  • Identify a local non-profit organization for your alumnae organization to nominate for a Local Impact Grant on their FT2 Alumnae Organization Giving Form.

There are many ways to stay engaged, and we want to hear what you are doing. Share your story on social media and use #readleadachieve. Don’t forget to record your efforts on our progress meter at www.pibetaphiliteracystory.org. You are making the difference, one child, one moment at a time, one life changed forever!


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