Are you Packed for Convention? Are you Excited?

See what Margaret has to say about her attempt to pack for convention:


As I stand knee deep in what seems like every piece of clothing I’ve ever owned in my life, I’m wondering if our Fraternity founders battled similar dilemmas when picking the perfect convention wardrobe. Without cell phones and the internet, how could Emma ask Fannie if her shoes matched her dress?

In light of my curiosity about past Pi Phi Conventions, I found myself poking around the Convention 2011 website and discovered the History page. I opened the article on the 1910 Swarthmore Convention and began to read. I already knew that certain things changed with the times but I was surprised by how much! For example, I was ecstatic about the four dollar discount I received on the airport shuttle by making it a round trip instead of a one way trip. This brought my grand total to about thirty bucks. “Not bad,” I thought, until I saw that in 1910 I could’ve gotten a ride to the hotel for 35 cents.

In the last paragraph of the article, it explained how many sisters thought the closing banquet was the “grandest” part of the Swarthmore Convention. Massachusetts Alpha Sarah G. Pomeroy and New York Sophie Parsons Woodman disagreed with the majority. These women said “the unanimous vote to admit three new chapters into the Fraternity and the celebration as the women from Oklahoma, Ohio and Wyoming were received with cheers and songs by the convention body was by far the grandest”. Sophie went on to write, “a good many of us felt and learned more of Pi Beta Phi in those few minutes than we ever knew before…” I’ll admit a tear came to my eye as I read this last paragraph and thought about the same exhilaration and happiness I’ve felt in my own Pi Phi experiences. It is unbelievable how much Pi Phi has helped me grow in only three years of membership!

I cannot wait to see what “Convention Magic” happens in Orlando and am looking forward to seeing old friends while making new ones. The biggest pre-convention question on my mind: Will Clara the Cowgirl be making an appearance this year?

Safe travels and see you Friday!

Pi Phi Love and Mine,


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